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              Company Profile

              Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology Co.,Ltd.--the original Guangzhou Bestry Auto-control Technology Co.,Ltd----called "Bestry" for short, founded as early as 18 December 2000, is initiated by National Science Park of South China University of Technology with Mr. Zhang Hai and Mr. Ma Tiejun, the winners of Guangzhou Golden Tripod Award. In April 2007, its shareholding reform was completed. And its registered capital is CNY88,880,000.00.

              Bestry is focusing on the technology development of polymer materials and is engaged in realizing the industrialization of scientific achivements through technonical export and supplying equipments ,materials and related products. It is a national high and new tech enterprise (Certificate NO. GR200844000423). It is also recognized as a "double-software" enterprise by the Guangdong Information Industrial Bureau (Certificate No.: Guangdong Yue R-2003-0123). It got ISO9001:2000 quality control system certification in 2004. In 2006, it got record filing and registeration of foreign trade and had the import and export license. Its sales income reachs CNY 200,000,000.00 in 2009.

              With powerful technical force, Bestry has the technology center recognized by Guangdong province. It has 154 R&D staff, including 4 professor-grade engineers who receive the state council special allowance, 46 professors, associate professors and senior engineers.

              The business of Bestry opens up around the area of polymer materials, covering rubber processing equipments and software control systems, modified plastics material and its products, and PU material and its products,etc.

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